Since 2004 the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Nykomb Synergetics AB have in a joint venture created a common basis to commercialise new technology. By combining skills in chemical, mechanical and process engineering novel technologies for heat recovery from industrial waste heat sources have been developed.

The company has long experience from conventional heat recovery technologies as well as from previous developments within the field of heat and power generation. We will continue to develop new concepts for heat recovery for new applications and take active part in  optimising the present process together with the customer.

The first application including the HyHeat system is seen in combined heat and power plants, using gas engines as prime mover. Gas engines come in standard sizes, which facilitates market introduction. In parallel with this market the pulp and paper business provides several opportunities for heat recovery technologies. By designing each unit separately, the customer is guaranteed optimised recovery efficiency in every case.

In more detail, the technology is based on hygroscopic absorbents such as inorganic salts etc. By direct contact of moist and warm gases with the hygroscopic medium, the water content is condensed without cooling the gas beneath its dew point. The latent energy is regained from the flue gas and the overall  efficiency of the main process is increased.