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We thank everyone that visited us and Pilum AB on the District Heating Trade fair in Elmia, Jönköping.

Pilum AB, a leading EPC and Cleantech company in conventional flue gas condensation technology, acquires shares in HyHeat AB. The formalised relationship to Pilum will speed up the commercialisation process of the HyHeat technologies. See press release in Swedish: [
Press release]

HyHeat appoints market assistant to assess European potential for HyHeat product segments, with the ambition to penetrate key markets.

Basic engineering package for commercial demonstration plant finalised. Discussions with intended customer are ongoing.

Visit HyHeat at the annual CHP day conference in Sarbro, Denmark, on the 7th of March. See the conference article in the “Kraftvarme NYT” Magazine (in Danish) [

HyHeat signs a MoU with a customer for building full-scale commercial condenser at a 2 MWe Jenbacher gas engine CHP plant.

First phase of the demo project has come to an end. Achieved results will now be evaluated and form the basis for the second generation’s process release. See press release in Swedish:
Press release

Peter Vriesman Tech. Lic. MBA joins the Nykomb Group and HyHeat. Mr Vriesman has long experience in eg project management and financial modeling, and will contribute to the companies’ strategic agenda.

Demo plant in Eskilstuna reaches full design capacity. Upgraded heat warms Eskilstuna municipality during several cold winter days.

The first operation with hygroscopic absorbent in Eskilstuna demo plant is performed with success.

Startup and commissioning of Eskilstuna demo plant. Cold runs were carried out successfully and tests with warm flue gas were started.

Eskilstuna demo plant is mechanically completed. Commissioning period is scheduled to the middle of January, after the Christmas Holidays.

The report Energieffektivisering inom skogsindustrin genom spillvärmeåtervinning från våtluft (in Swedish) is disseminated to the Swedish institute Värmeforsk. The pre-feasibility study showed great potential and techno-economic results for the heat pump technology within the forest industry.

Visit HyHeat and Pilum Engineering at The District Heating Trade Fair in Stockholm, Älvsjö, 6-8 November. We welcome existing and new customers to our showcase.

HyHeat publishes a new web site -

HyHeat and Pilum Engineering initiate the assembly of a commercial demonstration plant in Eskilstuna. The plant is a tail-end installation for a 650 kWe gas engine plant, adding up to 40% heat production capacity.

January 2007
HyHeat - a company in the Nykomb Group - is registered with the purpose of commercialising a novel absorption heat pump technology for CHP and forest industries.