CHP Applications

The hygroscopic condenser applied to gas engine-based cogeneration plants typically consists of a packaged solution with three packed bed columns. The system is shown in flow diagram form below. Following the flue gas from the engine, it passes through a regeneration - a condenser - and a hygroscopic condenser stage.

There is only limited interaction between the existing cogeneration plant and this tail-end solution, which makes it easy to adopt the technology to any engine plant.

A number of advantages result:

  • The gas can be dried to a dew point of 25°C
  • The overall energy efficiency of the CHP plant is increased from typically 80-85% to 95-98%
  • The gas exits the stack superheated and the plume is reduced or eliminated
  • Performance can be modified by using different proprietary absorbents
  • Absorbent is not consumed in the process

Process flow diagram for hygroscopic condenser in CHP application. Click on picture for an enlargement in a separate window.