The condenser unit can be pre-fabricated in sizes corresponding to around 250 kW additional heat output and larger. Multi-MW sizes are built on-site, in one or several parallel trains depending on seasonal variations or special needs. Considering gas engines, 250 kW of additional heat corresponds to a gas engine with thermal capacities around 800 kW. The energy balance of a typical lean-burn gas engine is shown in the Technology section, indicating the occurring losses.

Even the 250 kW condenser is a profitable investment. Operating costs are practically negligible since the ’’fuel’’ is free of charge. Longer operating time lowers specific production cost, which adds to the bottom line of the plant owner. Competing technologies for increasing heat output include purchase of new gas-fired boilers or an exchange engine.  

  • If your heating plant is outgrown, we offer this technology on a BOO or BOOT basis for boosting your capacity.
  • The condenser plant can be supplied or leased for a limited time, or installed as a long-term solution.
  • We apply a shared revenue business model.
  • The investment in a typical HyHeat condenser is limited and payback is typically 2-4 year.  

We offer a free calculation of the performance for your power plant, including increased heat output and a budget cost estimate. Would you decide to proceed, we will prepare a complete bid.


Squeeze the heat out of your engine!!