The technology platform of HyHeat is based on the utilisation of latent heat available in flue gas from gas engines, boilers or other industrial gas streams. By condensing the vapour present in gas stream considerable improvements in overall efficiency are achieved. This energy is currently not utilised since the dew point of the gases are normally too low to be useful for heating purposes.

In the technology platform a novel integration scheme for internal combustion engines is included, which utilise waste heat in the flue gas for production of low-pressure steam. This scheme is dedicated to new engine plants.

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Another core technology is based on hygroscopic condensation, a process not limited by the low dew point of the gas. Energy is recovered and upgraded to a higher temperature level in a single process operation. The hygroscopic technology is applied to gas engine plants as well as for waste heat recovery in industrial applications. The fundamentals of the hygroscopic process are shown in the above figure.



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